Episode 45 - Irrational Fears! What if? 

Have you ever been poised...on the verge of greatness and your brain starts to freak out?  Sit back with Suzanne and Liz as they talk about irrational fears!


Episode 44 - Squirrel! 

Are you too fidgety to stand still long enough to accomplish your goals? Suzanne and Liz talk about the challenges of staying focused!


Episode 41 - We’re BACK!  

Merry Christmas, Chatterboxers! After a (not so) brief hiatus, your two favorite rock-stars-in-waiting have returned!  

Join us in this special episode where we catch you up on what’s been going on in Markhum and the House of Gregory!


Episode - 40 - A Second Chance for a First Impression 

Who says you never get a second chance? Join Liz and Suzanne as they continue their discussion on creating the perfect image.  We all know how important image is, especially in the age of social media.


Episode 39 - One Chance for a First Impression 

“But I have nothing to wear!” This week, join Liz and Suzanne for the first episode of a three-part series on creating the perfect image.  We all know how important image is, especially in the age of social media.  Tune…


Episode - 38 - High Anxiety Part 2 

There you stand. It’s almost showtime.  You’ve been practicing and you’re about to step out on stage. And then it happens. Stage fright. Your fingers freeze. Your mouth runs dry and your voice cracks.  Now what? Hmmm…sounds like you should…


Episode-37- High Anxiety  

Suzanne and Liz are fearless when it comes to the podcast. But do they ever have to deal with stage fright?


Episode - 32 - Before You Hit The Road 

Liz and Suzanne discuss what bands need to do to prepare for touring, along with a special not so surprise guest! Mentioned - Progressive (Song-centric) Rock - 3RDegree -


Episode -29- Chatterbox Live Steam 

Suzanne DeCree & Liz Tapia - How to get more engagements on your posts without paying for ads. 

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