Episode -3- Inspiration and Where it Comes From 

Welcome to Episode 3 of Chatterbox. This week’s topic is where we find the inspiration to create our music and our art.  Join Suzanne and Liz as they show you the roadmap of creativity.


Episode -H- Halloween  

It's finally here! The long-awaited, much anticipated Episode H! You don't want to miss the spookiest Chatterbox to date. Tune in and listen!


Episode -2- Other People's Delusions  

You are the ultimate! You are smart, talented and everyone just loves to be around you. But is your entourage really as helpful as they think they are?  Find out on this week’s episode of Chatterbox!

Episode -1- Getting Organized 

Welcome to Episode 1 of Chatterbox. We kick it off talking about organization. Yes, it’s that wonderful place where your music career meets Mom’s advice from all those years back.