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The Dark Angel continues her journey through the eery and mysterious world of Markhum after her Fall from Grace.  Dark Beauty, a classically-influenced, Gothic Alternative, Progressive Rock band is preparing to continue the story of the Dark Angel.  We are looking for creative and passionate souls to help us spread the word.  

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We take great pride in building a fantastic team, and work with real fans of our music who can take direction, and thrive on working in a friendly atmosphere that feels like a family.  Let us know what your interests are, in order to guide you properly for what's needed in Dark Beauty's marketing strategy and campaign! 

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What is your favorite Dark Beauty song?

Dark Lullaby 29
Wrong Side of Heaven 51
Mirage 11
My Abyss 11
Eternal Chamber 9
Wicked Dollhouse 9
Mystery of the Mind 9
Fallen 7
Save Yourself 15
Mystery of the Mind Remix by Artie Productions 1
Spirits of a Dead Earth - Single 4
Coffee for One - Single - Liz Tapia Solo Project 2
158 responses

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