Chatterbox Podcast

Liz Tapia ( and Suzanne DeCree ( are going to help you navigate the new music business model as it emerges. 

Liz and Suzanne met a few years back because of a common goal of becoming full-time performers. They became fast friends and have been at each other’s side as they both tried to cut through the noise and move their careers forward. 

Sit back with Suzanne and Liz as they chatter and keep you entertained with equal parts psychology, philosophy, practical advice and a good, old-fashioned sense of humor.

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Episode - 38 - High Anxiety Part 2  

There you stand. It’s almost showtime.  You’ve been practicing and you’re about to step out on stage. And then it happens. Stage fright. Your fingers freeze. Your mouth runs dry and your voice cracks.  Now what? Hmmm…sounds like you should have been listening to the last two Chatterbox Rocks episodes.  Join Liz and Suzanne as they conclude their 2-part series on Stage Fright.