Spirits of a Dead Earth - Single

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Dark Beauty has an exciting new single to share with you! :)

We took a break from work on the second album to create this ballad with classical piano licks, luscious strings, and a haunting premise that continues to play upon our Symphonic, Gothic & Progressive Rock style! 
Spirits of a Dead Earth - Single
The premise of the song is that spirits come to haunt the living above, only to find that the earth is dead.  
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Fall From Grace 
An album telling the tragic tale of the Dark Angel's tragic fall. 

Legend has it that the Dark Angel has fallen from grace and now rules an evil tower in an unknown land.  Banished from heaven she is pulled down from grace above, falling deep into the woods of the dark primeval forest.  With a broken wing she descends through twisted cathedral-like branches of trees.  The thick misty air hovers as she plummets towards an ancient dark world. 

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Fall From Grace - CD
  • Fall From Grace - CD
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Dark Beauty combines rock, opera, theater, pop and world music to tell the tale of the Dark Angel's tragic fall from grace. Operatic styled vocals mix with classically influenced Gothic alternative progressive rock to stretch your ears and mind. CD ships Priority USPS.

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